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Westwood Heath is a community on the border between Warwickshire and Coventry.  It is situated close to the University of Warwick to the South West of Coventry.

The History Group is a small group of enthusiastic volunteers who have been researching the history of the area which has proved to be fascinating.

In these pages we aim to capture some of this research and preserve it for posterity.

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We would love to hear from anyone who has some history of Westwood Heath, especially if you have old pictures of the area.​

One reference we have uncovered so far is the use of Westwood Heath as a temporary aerodrome for the British Empire Air Display Tour of 1936.​

The history of the Westwood Club goes back before 1840 and there is further evidence of very old settlements in the vicinity.​

Warwick University have written an article on campus archaeology which gives some interesting insights to the locality.​

There is a history of Westwood Heath together with an animated map on the Burton Green Website.​

A Commemoration

This commemoration marks the centenary of the end of the Great War. It is in two sections. The first contains accounts based upon the research of the Westwood Heath History Group into the lives of the fallen soldiers whose names are on the War Memorial plaque in Westwood Church.

An aerial view

IIn July 2018 we took advantage of the dry conditions to conduct an aerial survey to look for ground features of interest.

The full set of photographs are held in our Flickr album. 

Memory Mondays

On our blog page we publish a regular stream of articles as the team research elements of Westwood Heath history.


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